In 2008 the eu began an unusual experiment. He is an original method of rejuvenation, healing and prolonging life. In a nutshell it can be characterized as follows: Treatment patterns. He even got his name Liken Magic Authors are asked not to be confused experiment Liken Magic with art therapy, in which the people themselves draw, write poetry and something molded. Art Therapy – this treatment is an art. And the treatment is in the process of creating works of art.

Basis Liken Magic – a painting created by the artist, owns the gift of clairvoyance. It creates a picture – it creates. Creation process can be divided into two parts: 1. Actual drawing and 2. permeation pattern of energy, necessary vibrations to a specific person.

The client then hangs a picture on the wall at a specified location and begins to receive benefits in vibration. At the beginning of the picture slows and then stops the aging process. Then there is a process rejuvenation. Since the beginning of internal (at the level of dna changes, putting in order of chromosomes, genes, etc.). And then he goes out – the visible changes: no wrinkles, had grown younger person, etc. The idea is that that picture works and is valid for one particular person – the person to whom it is intended. If the picture of the vessel with the energy (and different people – they are different colors) – the energy from the vessel is transmitted to humans and it is here is filled again.