Lapp shamans use their diamonds as for divination. This custom is unknown to the Turks. Tungus practiced a kind of simplified divination, which consists of throwing sticks into the air: the position of sticks after the fall gives the answer to the question. Problem of the origin and spread of the shamanic drum in North Asia is extremely complicated and still far from being resolved. There are some indications of the likely focus of its spread in South Asia. There is no doubt that Lamaist tambourine had an impact on the form not only of the Siberian, but also in the Chukchi and Eskimo drums. These facts are not without significance for the history of the formation of modern shamanism in Central Asia and Siberia, and we still have will return to this when we try to draw the main lines of evolution of the Asian shamanism.

Ritual costumes and magical diamonds in the world can not present here a comparative table clothes, diamonds and other ritual tools used sorcerers, witch doctors and priests throughout the world. It refers to ethnology and only indirectly interested in the history of religions. Recall that the same symbols that we have identified in the dress Siberian shaman, found in other regions. Throughout apply masks – from the simplest to the most developed – the skins and furs of animals and especially feathers, whose symbolism of ascension no need to stress. There are magical wands, bells and various forms of diamond. Hoffman carefully researched the similarities between dresses and diamonds Bon priests, on the one hand, and dress and diamonds Siberian shamans, on the other.