Newly developed Weihnachtsmotv carrying case can no longer be produced for this holiday season. Forest – on the 5th November 2008 will for the first time, for the Christmas season 2009 planned Christmas tote bag, which both as DKT bags, LDPE bags and as a flat bag will come on the market, published in their subject. Main task of the graphics Department was carrying bags, which are made in series since 2007 for a customer of Italy actually the new year's Eve, to refine, without changing the actual motive in your colors and the motive. Make a first project that the customer in Italy immediately accepted without further changes of colour and choice of motifs, left the graphics department temporarily unemployed". The planned 46 hours were far below surprising acceptance of the customers. As compensation, a new motif was developed without further ADO to the Christmas season. The quality management of the Lotex recorded immediately inspiring this, as bag motif submitted to pattern, companies. Transfer to the production left but then the enthusiastic mood fall back a bit.

Too late for this season"was produced. All order books are full until the end of the year. A print run with production of the matrix would be deadline at the present time under any circumstances. Set the new motive into the drawer and you submit it us in the March / April 2009, then we are planning the first manufacturing facility for the August or September, so in time before the Christmas season 2009"it said further. We would therefore today give you a sneak peek for the 2009 season.