" And the symptoms of the disease in this group started after 6-12 months and did not depend on radiation dose and the time spent in accident zone. Thus, we can assume that the epidemic that the disease becomes more recently associated with massive exposure to radiation, causing mutations in the human body. לחץ כאן אפריקה ישראל ומצא עוד . Whence taken this action? If we compare the dynamics of solar activity and the dynamics of the disease, the conclusion suggests itself – we irradiate our own light, which in the past 60 years gives the highest evidence of activity in the last millennium. Given the predictions of astronomers that the next solar cycle will be almost 50% more dangerous than the present and this activity starts to increase from late 2007 – early 2008 and will peak between 2011 and 2013, should be prepared to increase scope of a mysterious epidemic. The first stage of chronic fatigue syndrome – a phenomenon virtually mass written off more often than on sheer laziness. Well-control method, therefore, the same as with laziness – to pull myself together and work, work, work The second stage in which there are a variety of unpleasant sensations, often jamming with analgesics. Floating pain or involuntary reduction in muscles, aching joints periodically moving pain in his head – as a rule, if observed in long-term manifestation of the rising nature. For example, surveys of unexplained pain in the stomach and the periodic nausea after a month stopped and replaced by the oppressive sensation in the sternum, which over time replaced by a burning sensation (sometimes even with the outer skin redness) at the front just below the neck.