The birth of a baby is a moment of great joy, enthusiasm and hope in the family environment. However, it also entails a certain concern about how will develop childbirth, especially when the mother's pregnancy presents some degree of risk. Currently the medical advances in connection with childbirth have allowed that, in most cases, it can develop without complications, having significantly reduced the deaths of children at birth in most countries. However, it is convenient to not forget in any case it is a certainly delicate moment, in which any incident that behave the slightest damage on child-sensitive areas such as the head or his back could lead to serious and permanent sequelae that redesigned him during its development. Brain injury in the newborn. Cerebral palsy one of the major injuries to the newly born consists of cerebral palsy. It is a disorder that affects to the mobility, muscle tone and posture, being caused by injuries sustained in the cerebral cortex. For the most part, these cases of cerebral palsy in babies caused by circumstances that take place during its development in the interior of the mother in the gestation stage.

They occur between 8 and 12% of cases at the time of childbirth, and around the remaining 10% is given after the same, due to circumstances such as meningitis or any trauma or injury suffered by the child. His most recurring symptoms, which are showing greater extent as the child grows, include delays in the small mobility, stiffness in certain members or clumsiness and bluntness when it comes to articulate certain gestures or movements. If it would have been affected as a result of it the baby's neck, it might have serious problems to hold his head. It is possible through therapy, to mitigate some of these terrible consequences, allowing a little more normal development. Some hospitals have to do so in special areas to allow healing of children. When behind these cases a duty of facultative physicians who attend childbirth medical negligence is care for the mother and the child, making sure that none of them suffers any damage in a time sensitive like that. So, if by any act or omission not diligent or undue injury is caused to the newly born at this time, could understood that the optional which caused it incurred a compensable medical negligence, being possible from there lodged a claim, which is intended to compensate for the damages and damages. Such cases are certainly complex, because sometimes the complications that arise during childbirth itself do not respond to human error from medical professionals that attended it, in which case the injuries sustained by the newborn are, in some ways, inevitable.

To determine if the situation suffered could go for one or another cause, Council and advice from a lawyer concerning liability for injury expert will be essential. In a situation so traumatic as this you must stay calm and try to act in a judicious way. This will allow you to be better ready when facing the arduous process of claim that awaits you.