The first week of November of the current year, published an article in the usual way in the place that graciously wishes to publish it to share it with all those who want to follow me on reading the article in question was continuation of another that is entitled arrogant bad memory and the next is arrogant bad memory, part II. As it is customary in my, also shared it with all my contacts by email. And pass something occurred to me: why not send him to Cesar Hildebrandt this article? Cesar publishes a weekly magazine entitled Hildebrandt in his 13, and the weekly that appears also hung on the Internet, has a site to post comments. So I took this space to send you my article. The 17 of November I received a phone call; and it was nothing less than the Miss Claudia Blanco, is editor at the weekly magazine of Cesar Hildebrandt. Miss Claudia told me that Cesar read my article and you He had been interested much; so Claudia asked me if he could talk to me, to know a little more about the matter. We agreed the meeting for tomorrow at 11 in the morning.

I am sincere in saying that it thrilled me know who Cesar was interested by something that I had written, and as I say very excited I called my brother-in-law Alfredo to take part of the interview that we would have with Claudia, since it is the person who gave me the information to write the article, and therefore the has much to do in it. The day came and we met everyone. Alfredo arrived five minutes before 11 o'clock, and Miss Claudia Blanco arrived at the 11 o'clock excellent sense of punctuality recorder in hand, Claudia began the interview. As it was natural the questions were addressed to Alfredo, since he was the one most suited to complete data that were missing in this little story.