Implement corrective measures so that he can understand you you're the alpha leader of the Pack. 3 – You should eat before your dog, never backwards. 4 You must pass first through the doors. 5. Don't allow your dog to be the winner in the games of strength. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל אינטל אוזן קשבת . (Tug of war, wrestling, etc) 6 – do not allow your dog to take a top position upon thee. You can demonstrate it for example, tumbandolo on the floor legs up while you put one of your knees pressing against his chest. 7.

Establish and apply standards into thine House, that he knows that there are clear limits that must be respected.Territorial aggression is seen in dogs are very overprotective. Prevent this problem through proper socialization for your dog, doing that from a young age relates well with strangers. It's exposing your dog to more things and different people, what it means to take it for a walk more often! Let your dog know that these people are harmless and its territorial aggressiveness will disappear naturally.If you aren't sure of your dog's behaviour when he is in public, make sure of put it a strap and a muzzle if necessary. This is not only necessary in dogs of security but also in your dog. Many times, dogs are at risk of death by euthanasia in case of bite and injure someone. Finally, remember that aggression is not a small problem and should be treated with seriousness and much responsibility. If you're losing dominion over your dog or you feel that the situation is out of your control seeking professional help and advice immediately. But before it passes you can obtain all the knowledge and secrets needed to educate your dog without having to hire an expensive trainer; to finally finish using violent techniques to correct the bad habits and behavior of your dog.Become a Personal Trainer for your dog, get best results yourself and in the tranquility of your home, without intervention to strangers of dubious origin.