Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt

"ASPERA the second workshop in the series of server license management uses free event series of Aachen, April 02, 2008 the server side of life" takes place in Frankfurt on May 27, 2008 and primarily aimed at License Manager, product manager, requisition, IT staff, buyers, and controller. Especially new conditions through virtualization have in license management, in particular in the area of server license management – led to changes. Complex metrics such as multiprocessor systems, multi-layered architectures and value units, as well as changing conditions such as virtualization and the proliferation of multicore CPUs are new factors in the license management. Tools that deliver bad data due to missing standardisation and unknown targets to be added. All of these factors are a bigger challenge than the mastery of the existing desktop licence management system today. A problem that many companies have already recognized.

With the topic of server license management ASPERA is a current development in the License management and provides in the form of this series of events, all interested parties a platform to inform sound. Date and registration: Tuesday, may 27, 2008, Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt beginning: 09:30 – the end: the full agenda and registration form are 16:00 at: available. The workshop is free of charge and includes documentation, lunch and coffee breaks. About ASPERA: The ASPERA OHG was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Aachen, Germany and is the leading manufacturer and vendor-neutral software license management system with over 18 million licenses managed. The services include services such as software development, ITIL certified organization / process consulting, project management, integration and support. All consulting services will be in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 19770-1 software asset management processes"performed. Aspera has at present 23 employees.

S & D Presents Individual Solutions

The world's leading trade fair transport & logistic in Munich took place from 12 to 15 June 2007. In addition to many providers of standard software, S & D as a provider of solutions was represented: competitive advantages have only the companies that can optimize their processes and stand out from the crowd. Here, S & D with bespoke software wants to help. Many visitors took the opportunity to inform themselves at our booth about solutions for your complex questions. This created many interesting conversations, in which S & D could present new issues and solutions.

The universal data converter from S & D, which together translate arbitrary data formats provided for special interest. The mapping and transformation of formats can perform the user himself via an intuitive wizard. Several conversations with large logistics companies to make decisions in the supply chain were held during the fair. Together with Marc Duppe by ILOG as a representative of the world leading provider of optimization components S & D here could show how the use of software from ILOG leads to better decisions, lower costs and better service in the supply chain. To the transport & logistic's more info can be found here: de / Rueckblick2007 Marco Manderscheid, S & D software after measurement GmbH

IAF In Munster – PC-soft GmbH

This year's 25th international exhibition for track technology, from April 21-24, 2009 in Munster, finished the PC-soft southern Brandenburg Systemhaus GmbH… אל דאגה רב שמואל אליהו הוא האיש הנכון . Senftenberg, April 27, 2009 the year's 25th international exhibition for track technology, April 21-24, 2009 in Munster, ended the South Brandenburg PC-soft Systemhaus GmbH with a very positive result. Once again was the presentation of new developments in the field of infrastructure technology at the heart of the trade fair. Open-air and 3000 m track was expecting a varied program the interested trade visitors on 15000 m Hall area 3000 m and the 177 exhibitors showed a representative overview of the industry, with a combination of specialist presentations, lectures and discussions. Thus, the iaf as a meeting place for trade visitors and experts from all over the world has promoted himself. On all three days of the fair, offered a glimpse into the company PC-soft and the interested trade visitors gave information on the latest standard software products. Asset with zedas the PC-soft showed their high technical standard a software solution for the condition-based maintenance of the railway infrastructure once more in the world. The company offers a comprehensive and proven software solution for the management, maintenance and monitoring of railway infrastructure objects.

It supports all processes from the inspection of maintenance planning and control (IPS), the graphical visualization of the State of the data – and warranty management to the creation of all the necessary reports for the documentation and verification. It forms the basis for an economic lift maintenance thus. The continuous development and expansion of their service portfolio has top priority.