Constituent Grammar

However after some years only it had its studies entensificados in Germany for germanistas. We remember that Grammatical of Valence it is not the same thing that Grammatical of Constituent. This studies the grouping of the constituent in the lexical structures, in turn, that one mentions the dependence relations contextual. כדאי לך לעיין אצל טבע תעשיות כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Let us understand of explicativa form in the distinction that Borba (1966, P. 16) makes between the two grammatical theories. According to exactly: While a Constituent Grammar if occupies with the analysis of structures trying to discover as a constituent if it incases in another one or it belongs to another one, a Grammar of Valence looks for to detect relations of dependence between categories (basic) that (co) they occur in a context (former.: It depends it on B, if the presence of estimates B). We only made this fast approach for terms a general vision of these two boardings that costuma to confuse as being the same thing, however are not, in agreement could observe in the assertive one transposed above for Borba (1966). From now in them we withhold the boarding of valence for being the main focus of this discuso, more specifically the verbal valence.

For Tesnire (1959), a valence grammar presents a sentence paradigm contends a basic element (generally a verb) and certain number of dependent elements, (known as arguments, expressions, complements or braves), whose number and type are determined by the valence that if it attributes to the verb. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של שלומי בסון. Borba (1996, p.18) increases despite: ' ' A Grammar of Valences if constructs from the comment of that the lexical item of the language have absolute value or relativo' '. The type of valence is pointed according to nature of the verb. Four main types of verbal valences exist. 1) Valence Monovalente: it occurs when the verb selects only one argument.

Language And Writing

16) Therefore the serrated lines are the beginning of the writing of the child, therefore the same one has an intention to express the meaning when effecting this type of tracing. לענייננו, שלומי בסון הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Thus, the necessary professor to interpret it and to question it on this different tracing of excessively, therefore the same one can be stimulated to point the Real meant, that can be of proper name, the name of another person even though of an object. Being thus, the child will be apt to reproduce graphical movements, making to appear the tracings of the first letters. RELATION BETWEEN INFANTILE GRAFISMO LANGUAGE AND THE WRITING One gives credit that the writing has been after created a drawing made for the man. The drawing is a graphical manifestation that in them folloies of this ' ' escrita' ' of the primitive peoples. Thus, the first civilizations left its graphical registers in the walls of the caves that had been known as ' ' writing pictogrfica' '. The man alone reproduced the image of the object that could be drawn, thus the desired word is represented by the object.

' ' writing ideogrfica' ' based in the use of signals to represent the word, and ' ' writing logogrfica' ' , composed writing for allusive drawing to the name of the object. In this manner, the drawing ' ' permanent, always it was present since that the man invented the man. It crossed space and secular borders, and for being so simple, stubbornly it folloies our adventure in terra' '. (DERDGK, 1993, p.10). To draw and to write are forms assigned by the man, throughout the years, to transmit the way knowledge objective and subjectively. Studious if they had dedicated to the study of the infantile drawing between them: Georges Henri Luquet (1969), Analice Pillar (1996), where they argue the importance of the drawing for the cognitivo development of the child.

Alphabetical Writing

This work has as purpose to establish relation between the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao of the children. The study it evidences the complexity of the acquisition of the written language and the forms as the infantile grafismo if they constitute important element in the process of the alfabetizao, a time that the children have the chance to express its hypotheses around what she means the language and which its forms of representation. The developed research is of qualitative nature and adopts as predominant character the metodolgico procedure of the bibliographical research, searching to dialogue with studious of the area the referring questions to the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao. To finish the work, I stand out how much it is important that the professor has conscience of the process of alfabetizao and the forms of representation of the language for the child, in way that can value its graphical productions and the drawing as attempt of representation of the writing. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Infantile Grafismo, alfabetizao, acquisition of the written language. INTRODUCTION This article has for objective to establish relation between the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao of the children.

This interest is decurrent of the comments that I come carrying through during the experience of supervised period of training, in the Course of Pedagogia of the University Catholic of Salvador. In this direction, we can admit that, historically, the professors have given little or no importance to the drawing and the graphical representations produced by the children. ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. The activities proposals, when they contemplate the motor development are mechanical and they do not favor spontaneous the free expression and of the child, valuing the copy and the repetition of movements, that is activities that do not stimulate the thought, neither promote a significant relation during the process of construction of the written language.