It is probable that it was embodied in the great and mysterious his masterpiece, 'Mona Lisa'. Who is able to explain his power? Great art critic Walter Pater wrote about her: "Over her head," went through all corners of the world ', and her eyelids seem a bit tired. This karasota, Outgoing inside the flesh, which, for the cell cell postponed strange thoughts and fantastic reveries and exquisite passions She older rocks, among which sits she died many times, learn the secrets of the graves was a swimmer in the deep seas and keeps all experienced days ' Until now, critics scratching their heads over the deciphering of the famous works of Francisco Goya 'Kaprichos. לעומת זאת, אפריקה ישראל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. "His arts to inspire and baffling at the same time, reopen the soul, and calls for reflection, creates empathy and endless spry. לעניות דעתי שלומי בסון יכול לקבוע . They began with the artist's life and continues today. And what an explosion of imagination give birth to the mystical paintings Naska.Uhodyaschie lines over the horizon and if drawn with a ruler giant goemetricheskie shape and the huge figures of animals – why did these strange drawings on the bare earth remote region of Peru.

There are many theories that explain their meaning and respond to the question of why in general they are drawn, but their true prednazanachenie still remains a mystery. The fact that the lines can be clearly viewed only from the air, caused the emergence of theories about that at the time of their creation if the Nazca Indians would be able to fly, or at least hover above the ground. If we consider that the drawings are dated between 500 a year don.e. year and 500 bc, the theory is quite fantastic, but not so fabulous – on pottery found drawings depicting a cross between a kite and balloon. And who knows, phenomenon, familiar to us from childhood from a science fiction short stories, will be embodied in the future due to thrust the imagination. Or our thoughts about it – an echo of something real, is already possible always possible. That imagination zastvlyaet people to perform miracles, first in his thoughts, and then in reality, to make great scientific discoveries and, contrary to generally accepted norms, to see what can not be touched, measured, weighed prove it. Possible to imagine, to not be afraid of being branded a crank, to create their own world and live Dream, gentlemen, this is the magic – the magic of imagination, which accessible to all.