How much time it takes to estimate the land? Practice shows that about 10 days. If you decide to transfer the land to inherit or buy state land, or just perform cadastral valuation, then This estimation of the land and help. Service price is determined by the basic characteristics of the site. The main parameters considered land area and location. Before you invest in land land for the construction of cottages, also need to perform an assessment. The right to conduct assessment of land have only the legal person possessing a license for this type of service. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל חברת טבע. This service is provided by 3 ways: the market (it is the same comparison by comparing the cost of sales), profitability, and the remainder of the land.

The real value may be obtained by using the comparative method, because it is authentic it all shows the real state land market. But he, like every other method has drawbacks. They consist in the fact that the values of correction factor does not always pick up. לא תמיד אינטל. This is due to errors in some additions to the basic bill. Lucrative way to best use if the land parcel is leased or earns income from the buildings located thereon, or by households activities.

This method essentially determines how much money can be a specific area and allows you to create literate price of land. Improved plots of land are estimated by finding the remainder of land on the basis of an analysis of the market price of these improvements, in the case of the most judicious use of the site. At the final stage results are discussed with the customer, and shall be a full report on the completed work. This report is the main document, which necessary to carry out further operations to the site. Thus, expert opinion, the purpose of evaluation plan, evaluation date, description, site name, photos, pricing, analytical materials – all included in the the final report. Document processing is performed in accordance with the developed technique. Assessment of the earth – is an essential service that will allow to decide whether a given real estate land to invest.