As understanding and eliminate the behavior of aggressive dogs the aggression in a dog's behaviour is a normal communication, similar shape in human frustration or anger. Just as in humans, dogs may also develop aggressive behaviors. The variations found in the level of aggression that show, and here is where we see the differences between some breeds of dogs.Although some breeds are born with a greater tendency to aggression, problems usually occur in homes that, without knowing it, or knowingly encourage or stimulate the development of aggressive behavior in dogs. It is important to know what is happening when your dog shows aggression. Biting undesirable strangers entering your House is justified, but if it bites the mailman or you when you want to sit on your favorite sofa, without a doubt, this is something unacceptable.

Basically there are 3 main types of aggression that is shown in the behavior of dogs, namely: dominant aggression possessive aggression territorial aggression in this article only to see the most frequent in my daily practice. 1 Aggression domineering and possessive is one of the most common reasons why dogs can Growl or even bite their owners. This type of behavior does not develop from one moment to another, is always a consequence of interaction with their environment and the owners. The dog has had free access to its position as a leader for some time and then the owner decided to challenge that position of Alpha leader.If your dog is showing aggressive behavior towards you or the members of the family, have to dethrone him in that position of leadership and let him know that he is the more low rank in the family treatment 1. Avoid physical punishment, if it is possible, is too provocative and you can put the dog in a dangerously aggressive attitude. 2 Make a review of the relationship with your dog to determine why your dog is a challenge for you.