Be sure to record it, at least on my mobile. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל שלומי בסון שמבין יותר ממני. And then try to give him a detailed answer, or at least delve on the issue on the Internet. I am sure you will find many interesting, finding answers to such questions have arisen spontaneously. Provoke others to ask questions. Answers to unusual questions posed by another person, the best "exercises for the mind." The more you answer these questions, the better Your mind works in unusual situations. Voicing their opinions, ask the point of view of those present.

Perhaps their views differ from yours and their arguments, you can find something useful that will complement your picture of the world. If you ask "stupid question", try to answer it as soon as possible intelligible. Not "dismiss" on such issues. Never stick man "labels" such as "boring", "curious" "Abnormal". This will hurt first of all you! Since you just eventually cease to communicate. And you will no longer develop. לעומת זאת, אפריקה ישראל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור.

Learn to rejoice in the discoveries, even the most simple. After all, the brain, receiving positive reinforcement from new force begins generates questions to help you explore the life around. "What is it? What are its functions? Who invented it? Why? Where does it come from? How is it invented? Where? When? Why is it called? As yet it can be I use it? ", etc. Do not be afraid to make a mistake or seem "stupid". "Better to seem like a silly one minute, asking the question than to remain silent and keep them for life" – the wise speak Chinese. Doubt everything, even in the most usual "things." Our modern world is changing very rapidly. And many familiar repose is not working as effectively as before. 'No thing should not cease to be questioned Never lose the holy sparks curiosity. " Albert Einstein learned, or rather finding a habit to live in constant study, you simply converts. Your life will never be boring. Such a person will not miss a deaf ear to any fresh information he is constantly learning and cultivators, always in search of something new. Because such people are very quick to find solutions to their, and others too, problems: when you're full of good ideas, much easier to find your way out from a difficult situation. Even in such a situation that other people feel hopeless.