The actress wants to tick off so quickly many women equal to the desire how possible in their professional one as women today still can barely afford to get pregnant can that for a child. But it came only once so far, that the child is you must do as soon as possible back in the old job back. So it's not only the "mortals" no, it is also the gorgeous. The best example is Halle Berry. Less than a month ago, the actress brought her daughter Nahla Ariela in the world and is now again begins to work. לעניות דעתי טבע יכול לקבוע . Someone must pay upcoming bills, Hall may think. Hall will soon produce the psychodrama of "Frankie & Alice" and play the main role in it.

Hopefully gets her second Oscar for this movie, because the movie is about a person with multiple personality disorders. In the role she is torn between her real self and change their racist personality. A true drama. We wish all the best Hall and good luck as a producer, that the film also an Oscar is suspicious. Lisa Walters