That the Hotel did not have a ground level, but a large gap, input less than 3.30 m height from the ground. 2-. That the Hotel had then slopes inland until reaching the level 0.00 which observe the recreational areas in a panoramic view. 3-. The cabins were isolated, around a dam, and it should reach them by boat, and foot.

But in my idea, towards another Tower of rooms on top of the Hotel, the lobby and the services. To give future growth where it were to build. I made all my arrays, based on these three constraints imposed by me, the first two, and forced the third determinant. When I get the Poles activities, among others protruding me Cabaret, the Hotel lobby, the entry of services, the cabins and the recreational areas. I felt very satisfied from the analysis that had been done, and the plot left me a very interesting Hotel.

To take him from the sketch to the constructive system studied: S.A.E., their differences by the limitations of the constructive system in terms of its modulation and to adjust the areas there were small changes, but were minimal, with respect to the initial sketch. In 4th year, touched me projecting a Gineco-obstetrical Hospital for the province, in which should each plant respond to a functional organization chart, based on arrays already pre-established, but which every designer defined functional among all plants relations, since these women were: postpartum, cesareadas, with gynecological problems, room obstetrics and Gynecology roomUnit of intensive care, body guard of Gynecology and obstetrics, etc., really functional compatibility matrices defined us, the way to the Hospital, and the variability of each plant. They were not the same, so it allowed rules urbanism, in passes that should exist so air could circulate. I remember we did a building in the form of and, with a central core in the form of circle in which were the premises of: lobby, stairs, elevators, which interfaced each leg of the and.