Magic candles are one of the most important tools a mage used during magical rites, rituals, and other magic manipulations. Magic candles, as well as other magical stuff, it is extremely important. Moreover, the quality of magic candles directly affects the result of a magical rite. Magic candle performs several functions, and how she copes with them depends on the quality of a magic candle. The first and often the main function of a magical candle – the source of energy.

It gives not only light but also fueled a magical ritual, providing him with the necessary astral energy. The more energy has a magic candle, the higher presence in the magical ritual. The energy of magic candles clean energy as in the ritual, and in the outdoors. Magic candle as a filter to eliminate most of astral negatives by not allowing him to influence the ritual itself action. Magic candle provide a certain mood magician, creates a comfortable environment for magical work. All these key features magical candles make mages more seriously and thoroughly in selecting these components. Someone makes a magical candle itself, adding to them all that may be required during the magical rite. Someone, knowing a reliable and trusted provider, acquires magical candles at him, knowing that to get the desired effect. No matter how you got the magic candles, the first or second option. It is important that these candles give the desired effect. Otherwise, a magical candle will not be different from the usual paraffin candles, which can be purchased at any hardware store.