(Online article) – fear of swine flu has spread over the whole earth. Berlin/Stockholm (AP) – the swine flu spreads further. According to data of the EU Centre for disease control ECDC, the worldwide number of proven cases rose within a day to more than 200 on 1269. The ECDC experts in Stockholm reported a total now 21 countries were affected, 11 of them in Europe, on Tuesday morning. In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) confirmed the ninth Schweinegrippefall.

The infected 48 year old man from the District of Harz in Saxony-Anhalt, a Mexico returnees, also Jorg Hacker of President of RKI said. The course of the disease was in the patients but so easy that not in the hospital had it become isolated at home, reported hacker. In addition, currently six more suspected cases would be tested. The RKI President sees for Germany a certain stabilisation of the situation, but no reason for complacency. The number of suspected cases is.

down, he said. However, if in the coming days to count individual flu cases. The viruses are easily transferable and constantly changing their genetic makeup. Therefore the swine flu also have potential to spread. A vaccine available could already be in the summer. The World Health Organization (WHO) started distributing 2.4 million doses of anti-flu agents to 72 needy countries, including Mexico. The North American country is still with distance from the new H1N1 flu virus hit hardest, according to recent official data 802 people were infected, 26 of them died. However, the health authorities see a danger of abating due to the flu epidemic. The Mexican Government ordered the gradual opening up of the schools. As President Felipe Calderon announced on Monday (local time), the upper classes and the universities should resume from this Thursday's first operation. The elementary and intermediate as well as kindergartens should next Monday be opened again. Because the flu the schools, kindergartens and universities in Mexico City and then across the country were closed, to prevent an expansion of the epidemic. In China, a plane landed to fly about 70 Mexicans quarantined from different Chinese cities home. The Hong Kong City Government apologized to the approximately 200 guests and 100 employees of a hotel that fully quarantined, for the drastic measure. Hong Kong Chief Donald Tsang insisted however on the week-long isolation. The new H1N1 virus had not been detected at a Mexican who had stayed at the hotel. Meanwhile, a trade dispute between Russia and the European Union is in danger because of the swine flu. Russia block the import of live pigs and pork products from Spain, the European Commission in Brussels announced. The Commission has a letter to the Russian because of this scientifically unjustified measures Authorities set up. Spain also protested against the Russian import ban. Russia is so far about five percent of Spanish exports of pork. Spain is the most affected country in Europe with more than 50 cases of swine flu. According to the ECDC all diseases so far as mild are classified in Europe. ECDC spokesman Angus Nicoll however warned against hasty conclusions: "pandemics are extremely slippery creatures, and they can change all front." He pointed to the Spanish flu in 1918 and 1919, which only in the second and third wave had led to numerous deaths.