THE DWARVES Conquer Austria

As a young band wants to win the Grand Prix der volksmusik the dwarf song of the boy Zillertal is the new hit "so a nice day" is the title of the latest production of the boys of Zillertal, which again fresh wind in the folk music scene. For naughty, cool, fresh, cheerful melodies but also by the lyrics and music to reflection, to the fellow German drinking songs, to patriotic rising that entice the Juzis – Zillertal boys are. In short, Everything that the Juzis need to meet each day positively: starts full of energy "as a nice day" fully through. It is possible the positive life energy and charm of the three full-blooded musicians with the new disc of "Holy Land Tirol" to carry into the living room. The successful single "so a nice day". The surprise hit managed to right off the bat in the German single charts and was the "popular hit parade" of SWR 4 as the clear winner. With "such a beautiful day" known under the title "Air song" pull all Tanzwutigen, whether the musicians large or small, in its spell. Because the title become the absolute hit live, everyone knows now the choreography and is for every dance.

So they climbed in the o3 charts ahead of Britney Spears on 10th place. "On May 30, 2009 they will be for the first time at the Grand Prix der volksmusik in her song is already traded a hit Drobn on the mountain" the dwarf song goes in the ear and spread good vibes in no time. There an own dwarf dancing and your own dwarf game now. The dwarf song became the self-perpetuating and is played in many countries in the bars and clubs up and down. So also in the party temples on Mallorca. Now there is this song also for sale – the dwarf song is offered in many download platforms. And if enough sales are the sensation can succeed the three musicians and they are two numbers in the charts so that they would be the first folk music group. All information is available on the homepage of the Group In August found open air instead and in September the Roya go SEMINO Rossi on cruise – in October on Stadlkreuzfahrt with Andy Borg and who know maybe create them making it into the final of the Grand Prix – continue with so.

Rashad has again completed a solo album after almost 4. And it must recognize envy: he has used the time well! Lounge-pop heavy instrumentals Jazz shares with a bit of rock, so "Moving Circles" comes in. Living in Berlin since 1987 guitarist Haymo Zacharias (born on 23 1 1965 in Krefeld, Germany) presents his new album after 4 break. "Fruits of Inheritance" (1997) and "Shadows of the Past" (2005) the third album on the market comes now with "Moving Circles", and that it has in itself: provided varied and virtuosic instrumental crossover, which stil (as so often when Haymo's music) is difficult in words can be. Jazz, lounge, pop, rock, Fusion – somehow this album of everything has something, even if the direction this time has a tendency to pop as with the predecessors. Some tracks are so relaxed, that they prefer would like to enjoy in a deck chair at 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Playful grooves, catchy hooks and ear-caressing sounds surrounded the audience, and somehow, everything to the melody – is also and perhaps even especially if it does not appear in first…

Just goes to show the experience of the artist. Haymo Daniels has already in many projects and bands as a guitarist, composer and arranger participated, including Tony Carey, poems for Laila, grub, Scirocco, rhythm taxi, shape-shifters, and many more, with whom he gave numerous concerts in Germany and abroad and also often did it in the radio and television. Haymo's phrasing is at the highest level, the elegance with which he draws single tones or shortened and incorporated into his melodies, is just one: worth listening! Haymo fusion fans should be already a term, so masterly as he only very few can elicit sounds from their guitars. "And still less do it so differently: there are songs like" Iceland dreams "or" snake at noon "with very quiet and almost hypnotic melodies, but also pieces like the very lively and playful pop-heavy"butterfly in love"or the" four-on-the-floor ' track "Tipsy toads" (for anyone who has ever wanted to hear sound like "Tipsy Toad") with impressive guest saxophonist Tobias Relenberg. " Virtuoso guitar playing, without that it becomes an end in itself – this is the conclusion of this CD, which will be released on the label Tunesday records. The whole thing from the May 29 will be in the trade, such as amazon or in the shop of the label itself. Good news for the group, drummer: the whole thing is soon available as PlayAlong version on the "playback for drummer vol. 8", on the ITA home accompanied the drumming of the listener on a usual high level. This CD will be released soon on the label Groove it "and is also about the Tunesday records" store will be available.