Unusual bottle design with four integrated MALIBU makes now simple Island Recipes! Cologne, April 27, 2009: MALIBU, the clear blend of genuine Caribbean rum and coconut presents a limited edition for the first time in Germany. The white bottle of cult in exceptional design in trade comes from June 2009. Inspired by the Caribbean origin of MALIBUS Barbados the bottle combines Caribbean motifs in bright green, yellow, red and blue tones. The colorful Palm trees, coconuts and waves and other graphical elements provide the framework for four integrated MALIBU drink recipes. The distinctive white MALIBU cult bottle is also included in the new design. Middle, it depicts the characteristic silhouette of the white bottle with the famous MALIBU Palm logo and Caribbean-stamps in small form.

The new limited edition is not only a beautiful piece of art, it reflects the typical for MALIBU, pulsating Caribbean lifestyle. The recipes shown on the wrong show, that MALIBU drinks are very versatile and easy to mix", as Francois Cambier, marketing manager of Pernod Ricard Germany. 1,2,3, 4 x Caribbean integrated four MALIBU drink recipes with MALIBU-drinks with the bottle design is now everyone very quickly Caribbean can't. Summer rain is easily mixed for example the MALIBU"with MALIBU, vodka and lime. "The cranberry Flash" combines slightly tart cranberry juice with MALIBU and perfectly completes it with a slice of lime. The attention-grabbing MALIBU bottle guarantees Caribbean zest in everyday life and varied drink tips: a must on every shelf, whether at home or at the bar! The MALIBU Special Edition is available in limited edition from June 2009 to the regular retail price. About MALIBU: MALIBU is the clear blend of genuine Caribbean rum and coconut from Barbados. With more than 33 million litres sold in over 150 countries, MALIBU is world number one of coconut liqueur. Due to its uniquely balanced and refined taste, he is excellent to mix exotic cocktails and long drinks such as for example the Orange MALIBU and the MALIBU pineapple.