Jewel match – new challenge for Nintendo DS "Jewel Match" builds on the match 3 gameplay, where it comes to make rows of three same diamonds quickly and tactically clever, to make them shatter on both screens. Until all of the Golden plates are gone and the level is mastered. In addition, jewel match offers"extraordinary tools, designed specifically for the games with the Nintendo DS. So the use of the microphone integrated into the game console is required for example in some level, pustend and burst a magical storm to ignite and to cope with tricky situations. The gameplay is easy to learn and yet captivating, the typical case of only a level… "." A total of 150 crafty level require however attention, skill and responsiveness. The player is supported by freispielbaren, powerful tools.

So three hammers with different capabilities for the smashing of plates and diamonds are in precarious situations to the Available. For a combination of the 5 series, the player receives a powerful Helix, which sweeps even a number of the playing field. "Jewel Match" is predestined for the Nintendo DS and shows once again that Purple Hills entertainment in terms of exciting consumer games is simply unbeatable. Features: 150 challenging levels across both screens of the Nintendo DS! Three game modes: Relax, on-time and two-player! Great tools with microphone support different degrees of difficulty! 'Jewel match' for Nintendo DS is available immediately for 29,99 Euro in trade.