Fully digital dictation solution offers maximum time savings, convenience and work optimization. עוד מידע על ישראל בכר ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. From 10 to 11 February 2009 that presents in particular legal departments on the KOMCOM Nord Hamburg consulting and software company CG IT-solutions GmbH, its solutions for public administration. The fully digital dictation solution dictation Assistant is one of the highlights at the booth A16 in the Niedersachsenhalle. Dictation Wizard offers a potential to himself and the staff to facilitate the work and at the same time more efficiently. The Hamburg software experts will present Assistant in Hannover with the dictates a fully digital dictation and transcription system. In the digital dictation, the classic and sensitive storage medium cassette is replaced by a memory chip, which is subject to no more wear and tear. Tape salad, poor sound quality or simply missing tapes a thing of the past.

With the dictation Assistant spoken dictation directly into a PC or a digital voice recorder manual. They are then in a database either MS Access, MaxDB, MS SQL or Oracle, stored. The dictation can be associated directly a file or an operation. The dictation Assistant provides maximum access security, perfect work flow functionality, easy operation and excellent voice quality. With the digital dictation solution can whole language passages are moved or copied, inserted sections or overwritten text passages.

All dictations are stored in an easy to use Windows interface, while dictations can be assigned according to author, typist, priority or deadline. Dictation Wizard also offers the possibility to combine geographically separate jobs to virtual writing pool. The extensive setting possibilities guarantee the individual adaptation of the dictation Assistant at the usual dictation and writing behavior. The dictation Wizard is used as both a standalone application and integrated with other systems. About CG IT-solutions GmbH is the CG IT-solutions GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg an experienced provider for software solutions in the areas of electronic records management, document management, digital dictation, and process-based solutions. The company was founded in 2001 by Enno Ahrens lawyer and Diplom-Mathematiker Andreas Muller. Since 1998 work together on the development and support of electronic file management. CG IT Solutions offers more than ten years experience in software development and project management for staff and legal departments and law firms. The staff of CG IT solutions are proven experts with great competence and experience in their respective area of expertise. Today, the range of services in addition to specific developments, issue solutions and products comprises also professional services and strong project management. The company focuses on the standard software solutions for electronic document and knowledge management RMS (Rechtsabteilungs-management- and information system) and OMS (Office management system), as well as solutions in the area of digital speech processing.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Toolbox for Outlook helps to run a phone numbers in Outlook contacts Buderim, April 18, 2008 again an innovative tool from the House of isConDev: the Toolbox for Outlook software tool allows the uncomplicated and seamless data transfer and data synchronization between public folders, Outlook and PDA's. Most synchronization programs can exchange data only from the personal contacts of a mailbox. Anyone who addresses or emails from the public folders that are located in the Exchange folders, pull on his personal digital assistant (PDA) wanted this could only very awkward or not at all. Surely that works with the drag & drop "-function, but how many millions of records are therefore already in the public folders accidentally lost?" This method is also just not useful, if for the 4,000 contacts that are located in the public folder, only the 40 most important are needed. With the Toolbox for Outlook, filters can be applied to the source folder and only these 40 will then be the personal contacts folder. From here, they are synchronized with the PDA quickly and easily. The personal contacts automatically changes that are constantly made in the records of the public folders folder and also the PDA during the next synchronization passage. לעומת זאת, אפריקה ישראל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. The work is with the mobile companion to the pleasure and the entire equipment can be used with maximum efficiency.

On the road, in the Office or in the Home Office. Following other tools in the Toolbox are also available: isTelFormat isDuplicateFinder brings your phone numbers in the canonical format duplicate Outlook objects can detect isAddressSelect will form templates on the desired parameters the full version costs 29.90 for individual seats. Convince yourself and test free of charge. Download the demo version and register! Contact: isConDev Software Ltd. Thomas Seegers isConDev Software Ltd. was founded in 2006 by the two managing directors Robert subtitles Edward and Thomas Seegers and has established itself as a competent partner for software programming in the area of Outlook and Exchange in the IT market. לענייננו, ישראל בכר הוא הכתובת בשבילך.

Software development belongs firmly in the portfolio for many years. The isConDev range IT projects from the free email information service through the support for processing concrete. As a long-standing partner of Microsoft and other manufacturers, the entire area of the BackOffice products is covered. Workflow applications are nationwide in the usage on the basis of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server already for many customers. Also in the Switzerland and Austria.


Firebrand training offers IT professionals of in Germany the first Cisco CCNA 2007 fast-learning course Cisco CCNA 2007 training and Cisco CCNA 2007 certification is an important step for network specialists on the way to a successful IT career. The CCNA certificate certifies that the holder of the certification can understand its own mid-sized computer networks, build, and manage. בעיתון כתוב ש שרי אריסון הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. In addition, the participants of a CCNA training course specifically on the detecting and correcting errors in the network infrastructure. The CCNA certificate is the initial certificate of all Cisco exams and consequently the requirement is to be able to take exams for higher-based certificates. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את ישראל בכר. Firebrand training makes you fit for the following requirements professionals within the framework of Germany's 6-day Cisco CCNA 2007 fast learning course: after the training IT professionals design a Cisco router and switch-based Multiprotocol of internetwork with LAN and WAN interfaces, install, configure, and wait. More information can be found under kurse/cisco/ccna/ccna.asp the fast-learning course by firebrand training, which after performed the award-winning window of accelerated learning, the introduction to Cisco discusses intensive networks, introduction to switches and LAN, WAN basics, connection of Cisco routers, ATM, ISDN and frame relay with Cisco routers. Students should have a basic understanding of networking concepts and hardware, TCP/IP, IP operations and subnetting. Experience with Cisco hardware is not required.

During the whole course live, learn and take students the Cisco CCNA exam in one of the modern and distraction-free training center by firebrand training course. Also on this point, firebrand training differs from other providers. \"About Firebrand training (www.firebrandtraining.de) firebrand training, formerly training camp, is leading provider of IT intensive courses and management courses, which according to the method of accelerated learning\" be taught. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for learning solutions and Microsoft certifications including MCSE and MCSA certifications other well-known providers such as Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, Novell, and Sun offers as part of its course offerings.

Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt

"ASPERA the second workshop in the series of server license management uses free event series of Aachen, April 02, 2008 the server side of life" takes place in Frankfurt on May 27, 2008 and primarily aimed at License Manager, product manager, requisition, IT staff, buyers, and controller. Especially new conditions through virtualization have in license management, in particular in the area of server license management – led to changes. Complex metrics such as multiprocessor systems, multi-layered architectures and value units, as well as changing conditions such as virtualization and the proliferation of multicore CPUs are new factors in the license management. Tools that deliver bad data due to missing standardisation and unknown targets to be added. All of these factors are a bigger challenge than the mastery of the existing desktop licence management system today. A problem that many companies have already recognized.

With the topic of server license management ASPERA is a current development in the License management and provides in the form of this series of events, all interested parties a platform to inform sound. Date and registration: Tuesday, may 27, 2008, Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt beginning: 09:30 – the end: the full agenda and registration form are 16:00 at: available. The workshop is free of charge and includes documentation, lunch and coffee breaks. About ASPERA: The ASPERA OHG was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Aachen, Germany and is the leading manufacturer and vendor-neutral software license management system with over 18 million licenses managed. The services include services such as software development, ITIL certified organization / process consulting, project management, integration and support. All consulting services will be in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 19770-1 software asset management processes"performed. Aspera has at present 23 employees.

S & D Presents Individual Solutions

The world's leading trade fair transport & logistic in Munich took place from 12 to 15 June 2007. In addition to many providers of standard software, S & D as a provider of solutions was represented: competitive advantages have only the companies that can optimize their processes and stand out from the crowd. Here, S & D with bespoke software wants to help. Many visitors took the opportunity to inform themselves at our booth about solutions for your complex questions. This created many interesting conversations, in which S & D could present new issues and solutions.

The universal data converter from S & D, which together translate arbitrary data formats provided for special interest. The mapping and transformation of formats can perform the user himself via an intuitive wizard. Several conversations with large logistics companies to make decisions in the supply chain were held during the fair. Together with Marc Duppe by ILOG as a representative of the world leading provider of optimization components S & D here could show how the use of software from ILOG leads to better decisions, lower costs and better service in the supply chain. To the transport & logistic's more info can be found here: de / Rueckblick2007 Marco Manderscheid, S & D software after measurement GmbH