Free after the Morgenstern'schen quote: everything that is considered, with love beautiful, Amitie-ring is presented in the February issue, 2009 by Lisa Wohnen & decorating. The magazine from the Offenburg Burda Verlag shows a romantic gem, whose High-Tech manufacturing Komponenten were first created in the last few years. The laser beam the words are engraved with 'L ' amour surmonte tout' (the love overcomes everything) in the sterling silver ring rail. The deep engraving channel is designed with those special ceramics, originally developed for the dental medicine and until not so long ago was a creative element in jewelry design. The Amitie-ring, this finger-decorative object comes from the Pforzheim jewelry ideas forge Bossert & co. GmbH. The gold City drew attention in recent years with some novelties on himself.

Whether it be for the engraved fingerprint of the partner on finger ring and bracelet. Or with animal lucky charms such as elephant, OWL and co. on the surfaces of the valuables. In times of Global jewelry manufacturing is proved that jewellery from Pforzheim can score workshops with extraordinary design ideas and individual pieces such as the fingerprint ring must fear no competition from the far East. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל ישראל בכר אוזן קשבת . Link to the press release: 7pfi10/02lisa.htm link to the Amitie-ring: trend/amitie.htm Bossert & co.

De singer fashion collections new concept, just-in-time fashion from Portugal? So far the fashion trends from countries flocked to Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia to us how, but come from Portugal's fashion centers new impetus after Germany. The courage to individuality and fashion for the women to design, that it stands for fashion ANA of label SOUSA; that is internationally well known. Designer fashion which is portable and affordable, this is the challenge of the designer ANA SOUSA. Our fashion is special and offers the customers a variety of ways to make various outfits together. Get more background information with materials from רבה של צפת. ANA SOUSA has stores in the best locations in Portugal alone 50 Mono and expantiert continues in countries like, Spain, France, England, Luxembourg, Arab Emirates, China. In multiple of lables stores, the fashion label runs ANA SOUSA in countries: Portugal, Spain, France, England, United States, Switzerland, Germany. ANA SOUSA provides a completely new redemption for their clients for the upcoming season SS10. "Just-in-time collection" is the label on their customers are the market situation in Europe and especially in Germany.

"We would give our customers more security by extremely short notice placing your order with us and the product is after 6 weeks in the trade. Our customers can better assess the trends and order the correct styles, without half a year before to order.", so the management of ANA SOUSA: white room shows in November 09 the new"just-in-time collection"exclusively for Baden-Wurttemberg to show room Sindelfingen.