Leather Protect Briefcases

Leather briefcases now again use many men. Exists in countless versions, ranging from the classic leather light up to the noble accessory made of tanned leather popular particularly among teachers. Here, the muted colors are often preferred, one wants to express even a particular style but with such bags. There are these bags in many styles, from the small Conference solution up to the spacious pilot case. There is the matching leather Briefcase for every area of application. The leather briefcases are extremely robust. לענייננו, אפריקה ישראל הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Leather is a natural product, made from animal skin. Due to different conservation methods, tanning"as it is made durable and resistant.

Tanning the leather gives also his color. Often these noble and expensive bags are allowed but in the vehicle, for example, when you go to work in the restaurant. Due to the expensive look of these bags or suitcases, thieves are often attracted to. With a glass slide as privacy to protect his property. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל שרי אריסון שמבין יותר ממני. Prevent among other things, this foil that can be seen from the outside in the car. Thus, the contents of the vehicle is literally in the dark. Window film are available in many designs. There are various colors, effects and light permeability factors"to choose from.

All slides is common, they were coated with aluminum or other metals. Together with the smooth texture of the film, it is a chrome-like shine, which reflects sunlight and thus makes a look through seemingly impossible. Due to modern bonding techniques, you can stick the slides today itself. Usually they are coated with an adhesive, which reacts with water. To paste the slide, the disc is initially well watered. Then, putting the film on floating and pulls out with a plastic spatula supplied with excess water, cement and air. After a short drying period, the film is firmly connected with the disc and can be treated like a normal window. A glass slide is used to protect the contents of your vehicle from unwanted eyes. Heike stop

Federal Agency Customers

Gottingen, August 01, 2007 – a substantial improvement of investor protection becomes concrete: future financial institutions require for the exercise of investment advice of the permission of the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin). The changes in the law concerning the Kreditwesengesetz (KWG) go back briefly on the EU directive about markets and financial instruments (markets in financial instruments directive) – MiFID – implementing German is done now by the FRUG (financial markets directive implementation Act) and thus also in the KWG. The change in the law was already announced and comes into effect November 1. Investment advisors who make recommendations to their customers in particular stocks, certificates or similar securities-related transactions with certain financial instruments, are from November of supervision of BFin. As long as the recommendation is based on an examination of the personal circumstances of the investor or the investment is presented as suitable for him. This means when getting financial services customers submit concrete proposals for the sale, to the drawing or keeping of financial instruments, etc., that a change in the composition of the customer assets are coming and doing at least the impression that their recommendation takes into account the individual circumstances, say investment objectives and financial situation of the customer, are subject to stricter control by the BFin them. Except, if issued recommendations for the purchase of investment funds. Such purchase recommendations are exempted from the permit requirement in the future.

Affected by the new rules, all companies in the financial services industry – in addition to credit institutions, investment firms and exchange operators are first investment advisors, money managers, tied agents, and many more. While for companies that operate already permit financial service service, the permit is considered to be given, everyone else must look at either a MiFID or apply for a permit. It is not only the license requirements to Gadre lawyer specializing in capital market law says CEO Dr. Werner, Dr. Gundel & Collegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in Gottingen, note". The new documentation requirements are just as important. All investment advisers are then obliged to archive for five years all data for documentation purposes, which itself can be, whether all reasonable steps were taken to performing the job to achieve the best for their customers. This includes incorporating all possibilities (also foreign markets, over-the-counter trading, etc.) in the decision and taking into account price, costs, speed, execution probability and processing, volume, type of order and of all other considerations relevant to the word sow management.

Also should be allocated also determined that, whether the specific investment decision to the risk profile, i.e. the financial conditions and experiences of each customer fits. According to gundel an important step in the right direction. "The liability restrictions mean not only a burden for companies, but mountains for those who in time convert your business and align also opportunities, to withdraw from the General market environment and to improve thereby the own competitive position and the relationship with customers." Remains to be seen as the expert, however, whether the new prudential requirements and the documentation obligations not to die out"of the independent investment and financial adviser will lead". Because alone the ongoing annual costs, triggered by result obligations as mandatory annual audit by a chartered accountant, Member of the EdW, regulatory reporting and compliance organization, can accumulate quickly on several ten thousand dollars a year.