Spiritual Health

If within one year we did physical training – it means you can safely continue, and if the decision is more stubborn than reasonable, necessary consult a doctor. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את גבי חמו. Although doctors hardly dare to recommend such an extreme exercise, although for the trained person it is not difficult. Therefore, each plank must be an individual. Oath is the basis for this practice and that the oath of Christ enabled him to achieve desirable. And so on can only extreme technique: strike any significant physical effort, but there are individual is can come up and sit-long meditation. But these meditations to be very much longer – for years. Strike with a prayer or meditation, are also good, but in our reality it is often difficult to find a secluded place. But bowing in prayer is more than actual practice, especially for healthy young and thick.

Given the word to make bows like 10,000 a week, 1500 each day, or as someone wants to imagine. Establishing contact with God it is a matter individual, but each request must be accompanied by a bow or Ina contact form, but in any case should be clearly defined goal, and certainly not material. If your efforts will be successful and not looking at pischanie body make a promise, this is a sign that there comes a time in which to return to the world of passion is no longer possible. But if you missed out on a moral cleansing of the way or do not have collected sufficient knowledge about human nature and human relationships, then chances are very sensitive fall. In any case, you need to have teachers at different levels, which can guarantee Your mental health. After all, human psyche is too fragile a thing to play VABank.

A characteristic feature of the road find meaning in life is the presence of steps, for school classes. For each stage, looks different knowledge and to embark on following need to get rid of the burden of the previous knowledge. What once was our achievement can become a deadly poison for a long time, paralyzing our movement. Our experience is always with us and do not shove it in Backpack differently after a while it will be difficult to walk. It is said that there were occasions when you do not adhere to this rule by the end of life sank into hell. Although the average person, not striving for perfection and not adhering to moral standards, hell is a reality in everyday life. There are thousands of roads leading to liberation from ignorance and everyone can be self-sufficient, but the road of wisdom is through knowledge. Heartache is dvinatelnoy force in the search for meaning in life, but on the path of knowledge should know that the stronger the pain, the greater will be the victory. The more stones on your way more quickly so you will get, but in the end sit on the sidelines and you'll laugh at that so funny floundering on the waves of the river of life. Yogi a lot, but the beginning is always subject to moral purity. Get to the yoga of consciousness, is the work of many lives. A life in mind – is a divine gift.

In 2008 the eu began an unusual experiment. He is an original method of rejuvenation, healing and prolonging life. In a nutshell it can be characterized as follows: Treatment patterns. He even got his name Liken Magic Authors are asked not to be confused experiment Liken Magic with art therapy, in which the people themselves draw, write poetry and something molded. Art Therapy – this treatment is an art. And the treatment is in the process of creating works of art.

Basis Liken Magic – a painting created by the artist, owns the gift of clairvoyance. It creates a picture – it creates. Creation process can be divided into two parts: 1. Actual drawing and 2. permeation pattern of energy, necessary vibrations to a specific person.

The client then hangs a picture on the wall at a specified location and begins to receive benefits in vibration. At the beginning of the picture slows and then stops the aging process. Then there is a process rejuvenation. Since the beginning of internal (at the level of dna changes, putting in order of chromosomes, genes, etc.). And then he goes out – the visible changes: no wrinkles, had grown younger person, etc. The idea is that that picture works and is valid for one particular person – the person to whom it is intended. If the picture of the vessel with the energy (and different people – they are different colors) – the energy from the vessel is transmitted to humans and it is here is filled again.

Magic Candle

Magic candles are one of the most important tools a mage used during magical rites, rituals, and other magic manipulations. Magic candles, as well as other magical stuff, it is extremely important. Moreover, the quality of magic candles directly affects the result of a magical rite. Magic candle performs several functions, and how she copes with them depends on the quality of a magic candle. The first and often the main function of a magical candle – the source of energy.

It gives not only light but also fueled a magical ritual, providing him with the necessary astral energy. The more energy has a magic candle, the higher presence in the magical ritual. The energy of magic candles clean energy as in the ritual, and in the outdoors. Magic candle as a filter to eliminate most of astral negatives by not allowing him to influence the ritual itself action. Magic candle provide a certain mood magician, creates a comfortable environment for magical work. All these key features magical candles make mages more seriously and thoroughly in selecting these components. Someone makes a magical candle itself, adding to them all that may be required during the magical rite. Someone, knowing a reliable and trusted provider, acquires magical candles at him, knowing that to get the desired effect. No matter how you got the magic candles, the first or second option. It is important that these candles give the desired effect. Otherwise, a magical candle will not be different from the usual paraffin candles, which can be purchased at any hardware store.